Call for Paper: Approaches to Kalam

Submission deadline: 20 November, 2015

"Approaches to Kalām: Framing an Islamic-theological Anthropology." Anthropology is herein understood as a theological rather than social-scientific category, which attempts to conceptualize the idea of man in Islam. An Islamic-theological Anthropology aims to introduce a new paradigm to kalām debates, in which the human subject – his/her shortcomings, hopes, worries and anxieties – takes center stage. Developing a theology from the intricacies of human existence and experience aims also to re-focus, explore and possibly expand, our understanding of Philosophical Theology in Islam. At the same time as focusing on man, we keep in mind that Philosophical Theology engages with other philosophical constructions, aimed at explaining the human experience. 

The Organizing Committee of the 2016 Center for Comparative Theology and Cultural Studies Conference is pleased to welcome abstract submissions for the conference which will take place on March 18-20 at University of Paderborn, Germany. Graduate students from all over the world, working in all disciplines, and at all stages of study related to Islam and Islamic Studies are invited to present their latest research to a supportive, critical audience.

We invite papers from a variety of disciplines to discuss the above perspectives and how they interact with the wider understanding of Islamic studies. These include but are not limited to Islamic law, anthropology, history, philosophy, literature, art, political science, sociology, theology/religious studies, Islam and the sciences, language and linguistics, and women’s studies. 

Please submit a formal abstract (250-300 words) and CV no later than Friday, November 20th 2015 by email to islamicanthropologyconference@gmail.com. Notifications of acceptance will be sent at the end of December 2015. 

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